International Concert Pianist and Educator

“A tigress of the keyboard… She is a sort of cross between György Cziffra and Dinu Lipatti, a tigress who is also a poet… Smoldering sense of passion… It’s not often that one encounters, in this day and age, an artist who not only has a dazzling technique… but, better yet, an independent and individual way of thinking about music… Agranovich has a way of expressing herself through this music in a way that almost precludes comparisons.”

Lynn René Bayley, Fanfare Magazine


“…It all comes together in an interpretation that dares to be different. Beauty has tamed the beast… Magnificent shading and superior musicianship…”

“She caresses the notes, milks the music for every expressive possibility, and persuades by a gentle coercion that can be seductive… had to restrain myself from crying with joy at the Venusian beauty of her playing…

The added touch of restraint works beautifully in a performance that easily reaches the heights.”

Alan Becker,  American Record Guide


“A musician of splendid gifts… One of the more sensitive artists who brings to her performances a percipiency and sensibility all too rare among her contemporaries… She is a singular artist and should be admired for that rare quality alone.”

 David Diamond,  Composer


“Sophia Agranovich is a bold, daring pianist in the tradition of the Golden Age Romantics. Her playing is full of lavish gestures and she is comfortable taking big risks… It’s the kind of daredevil exhibition that was bread and butter for the likes of de Pachmann and Hofmann and that most of today’s pianists shy away from.”

Myron Silberstein, Fanfare Magazine


“The pianist’s technique is thrilling, but it’s the boldness of her conception—her refusal to feminize the music—and the extraordinary dramatic urgency she brings to these pieces through grand Romantic gestures—probably to a greater degree than Chopin himself could or would have attempted on his Érard or Pleyel piano—that leaves one with the strongest impression of Agranovich’s playing…”

“Sophia Agranovich’s alchemy of mind-bending technical prowess and heart-melting emotional expressivity add up to one of the most glorious piano recitals this side of Elysium. Urgently recommended.”

Jerry Dubins,  Fanfare Magazine    


Saturday, May 21, 8 p.m, Watchung Arts Center

18 Stirling Road • Watchung, NJ 07069

The program will feature  Après une Lecture du Dante: Fantasia quasi Sonata, 3 Sonneti del Petrarca, Hungarian Rhapsody # 14 by Liszt, Polonaise-Fantaisie by Chopin and other works

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CatC - Sophia Agranovich - May 21 2016        



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